Haiku Challenge for Aug. 4: ‘Provide’

Unlike yesterday, I’m the one late to today’s haiku challenge (the reason for that is likely coming in a blog poster later tonight):

My style is the five/seven/five syllable structure. Like yesterday, I was a bit liberal with using the plural version of provide. Here are my 10 haiku poems:

He was to provide,
but he lacked ability.
That’s when she left him.

Every day, the bees
provide for the queen bee’s needs,
neglecting their own.

Running to the well
to provide them with water.
But it has run dry.

Provide me a tune,
and I will get lost in it.
Music salvages.

Every day the dog
provides its bounty of love
with big eyes, wet nose.

A new day provides
for the chance to be reborn,
but I sleep instead.

The clown provides his
comedy — honk on the nose —
cry on the inside.

The comedian
provides us the laughs we need,
but forgets himself.

The book adventure
provides us many new worlds
within its pages.

Desire does provide
only an insatiable
desire to have more.

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