Food Review: Ben & Jerry’s Milk & Cookies

Okay, I have to start with a “hot take” sure to melt any ice cream: I’m not a big ice cream guy. There, I said it. It’s fine, every now and then I get a craving for it, but if you told me tomorrow that all the ice cream in the world would poof out of existence, I would be like, “Hmm, that’s weird, but whatever.” I’d be fine. I don’t need ice cream.

I’m a hot foods and hot liquids kind of guy. That’s my preference. Obviously, I’ll eat cold food, even cold pizza sometimes, and drink cold liquids, but my preference is for warmth and heat. It’s probably similar to why I enjoy a blanket during the summer months. Heat is comfort. I don’t enjoy brain freezes. And if I’m going to eat something cold and dessert-based, I have a bigger nostalgic kick for icees, which depending on you area, you might know these as slurpees (I’ll do a post on why it’s a nostalgic kick one day), and I also prefer shakes to ice cream.

But, when I do get that craving for ice cream, maybe once every six months, I like to get those individual take home containers of frozen ice cream, or maybe stop at one of our regional gas station places called United Dairy Farmers, known for its ice cream, and get a waffle cone (the cone, again, is more exciting and tasty to me than the actual ice cream).

Last night, I picked up one such individual container, a pint, of Ben & Jerry’s Milk & Cookies flavor. The only reason I grabbed that one is because it hit another nostalgic button for me: Growing up, my go-to late night snack was milk and chocolate chip cookies. Almost every night. Thank god for my youthful metabolism because I could easily end up devouring a sleeve of chocolate chip cookies. That’s not a snack I do often anymore, mostly because I can’t handle straight up milk like I used to.

As you can see, the image on the container even has a yummy glass of milk with a cookie splashing into it. If that isn’t enticing to the kid inside of me, then I don’t know what is.

The description of the flavoring reads, “Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate cookie swirl, chocolate chip and chocolate chocolate chip cookies.”

I didn’t typo there, that was “chocolate chocolate chip cookies.” In other words, if you like chocolate, then this is your kind of ice cream.

On the other side of the container, Ben and Jerry say, “How do you take classic milk-&-cookie goodness to a whole ‘nother level of greatness? We don’t really know what that means, but we know this flavor’s loaded with the most euphoric assortment of cookies we ever dunked, chunked & swirled in our ice cream.”

It is definitely some chunky cookie ice cream. That’s why it’s so many calories. No, it’s not breaking news that ice cream is fattening. Like, really bad and fattening. But still, consider, a serving size is two-thirds of a cup, which, I’m not good at conceptualizing measurements, but two-thirds of a cup is not much of anything. Look at this representative example of what a serving size of ice cream looks like (this is not my picture):

ice cream

That’s nothing! And it’s 370 calories! If I were to eat this entire container (spoiler: I did not), which has three servings, that’s 1,120 calories, and now I’m at half my daily calorie allowance. And of course, most of this is sugar and fat.

But again, fortunately, I’m not a big ice cream guy, so at most, I scraped off a few bites from the top, mostly to try it out. Whew, it is quite good. There is a perfect blend of chocolate flavor with a hint of vanilla milk-like flavoring that makes me want to keep scooping. The mix of regular chocolate with that “chocolate chocolate” makes for a chocolate gradient that’s fun. I found myself scooping around trying to get the more “chocolate chocolate” bits.

I didn’t even add any toppings to this. I just ate it as is from the container. It honestly doesn’t need anything else. I mean, it has chocolate 18 times in the flavor description, do I really need to add a dollop of Hershey’s syrup? Okay, probably, next time. If you’re going to go all in on chocolate, why not go all in?

If you’re an ice cream person, I don’t see how you couldn’t love this pint of ice cream. If you’re like me and not much of an ice cream person, you’ll still enjoy the chocolate goodness. If you’re a chocolate fiend, you’ll probably devour this in one night and be mad at yourself in the morning.

And if you’re not a chocolate person, you’re a monster who I don’t want to talk to. Just kidding, but seriously, what gives?

What’s your favorite flavor from Ben & Jerry’s? Which one should I try next? Do you have a brand you prefer for take home ice cream that isn’t these guys?

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