Haiku Challenge for Aug. 15: ‘Easy’

Today’s haiku challenge:

My style is the five/seven/five syllable structure. Here are my 10 haiku poems (my ninth one doesn’t have “easy” in it, but I like it as a continuation of the previous haiku in the list):

An easy living
is hard to come by when your
brain rebels against.

They told me living
was easy, just go do it.
No, I slept instead.

Even the basics,
like waking up, showering
I don’t find easy.

Don’t be difficult;
be easy, they tell someone
who changes the world.

A society
that tells a girl she’s “easy,”
applauds the same man.

Sex positivity
can be an easy concept:
Just don’t judge people.

Bee had an easy
day, buzzing around, lazy,
napping on flowers.

Although the worker
bee isn’t lazy; they don’t
live an easy life.

They’re nurses and scouts,
housekeepers and foragers.
Bee patriarchy.

Easy for the king —
nobody challenges the
lion: fears no one.

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