Haiku Challenge for Aug. 29: ‘Country’

Creative commons photo.

This week’s haiku challenge:

My style is the five/seven/five syllable structure. Here are my 10 haiku poems (fair warning that this is some of my political haiku poems; given the prompt, it’s unavoidable:

the country you’re born
in is happenstance — borders
arbitrary lines.

yes, accept every
refugee and immigrant
from any country.

the right to movement
from country to country is
a human right.

yes, I’m saying that
we’re all global citizens,
not country-defined.

fear not our fellow
disparate countryman, but
those who wield power.

yes, political,
but also basic human
rights not of country.

a country is its
people, not its moat-like lines
that says one’s better.

she walled me off like
I was yearning to be free
in her new country.

if it was a bee
country, the rivers would flow
with honey and bliss.

if it was lion
country … it’d probably not look
different than now.

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