Flash! Friday for Sept. 4: The Brambles

If you’re not familiar with what Flash! Friday is, here’s the explainer. But in short, it’s a fun weekly contest of flash fiction writers, where each week a new picture prompt, “element” prompt (based on fire and ice), and a limited word count is given, and writers have 24 hours to submit their story. By Monday, the judges pick a winner.

The Sept. 4 prompt was this picture:

“Pescaria no Parque das Timbaúbas” Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil. CC3.0 photo by MacioFeitosa

The additional prompt was a requirement to either include a mischief-maker (fire) or a protector (ice). The word count was a maximum of 200 words (no minimum).

You can read the full results here.

My entry had a word count of 200 words, and used the element of fire. Here is my entry:

Holly’s body was in the brambles at the other end of the lake.

A near daily spot, one of the boys seemed to notice something amiss at first, but the lure of the capture grabbed his attention again. They were trying to reel in the oscar for that night’s dinner.

With two days of sun drying her out, Holly’s skin had turned ashy, like she still had leftover embers inside her.

She was another creature of the streets, as customary as the dumpsters and streetlights, who was hooked by the promise of money to get to the States. Her friend was there already, and told her about skylines of a different kind. There, the friend said, she could be born again.

But one pickup had a different idea of a fun night, and Holly, 90 pounds soaking wet, could only wiggle until the wiggle was snuffed out. Half-a-dozen fisherman had already come near the spot, not noticing her becoming the elements. As in life, she had a way of blending in.

With whoops and hollers, one of the boys had the oscar in his hands, holding tight before it could squirm back to its watery home.

They’d eat well tonight.

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