Haiku Challenge for Sept. 29: ‘Expect’

Creative Commons photo.

Today’s haiku challenge:

My style is the five/seven/five syllable structure. Here are my 10 haiku poems:

you expected much
of me, but myself, not so,
and you lost the faith.

we were expecting.
no, not that, but a future.
due date never came.

expecting is too
passive — taking aggressive —
so here I sit, numb.

expect me to fail;
it’s a guarantee when the
self’s low on esteem.

expect is too much
pressure; I crumble before
its awesome power.

expect delays, I’m
directionless, lost in fog,
the runway unseen.

with my depression,
I expect more bad days than
the fleeting good ones.

with anxiety,
I expect everything, and that’s
always the downfall.

the bee expected
to be late to the flower,
so he buzzed ahead.

lion had three things
to expect: red meat, sleep, and
mating for children.

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