Very Short Story: Sink or Swim

Creative Commons photo.

If you’re not familiar, there’s a writing prompt on Twitter for the writing community with the hashtag vss365. The “vss” stands for “very short story,” and the number is self-explanatory. Each month, a new Twitter user is tasked with posting a new word each day to prompt people. With the 280 characters available in a Tweet, a user has to come up with a story of some sort incorporating the posted word-of-the-day, although because you need to include the hashtag, the story itself is typically 273 characters (if you try to be exact, at least).

It also doesn’t necessarily have to be a story. Some play around with the form and structure by doing poetry or a haiku or whatever else.

For Oct. 22, the prompt word is “happiness.”

Here is my entry:

Evie stood at water’s edge with the last morsel of her #happiness in her hand. A silly game to any onlookers, but Evie had to see. She slung the rock sidearm with a snapping flick, and watched as it glided. If it sunk, she’d know. Instead, it was absorbed by the horizon. #vss365

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