Haiku Challenge for Nov. 6: ‘Prize’

Creative Commons photo.

Today’s haiku challenge:

My style is the five/seven/five syllable structure. Here are is my second version of this prompt:

the depression prize
was awarded to the man
stuck in the shadows.

the depression prize
was awarded: it’s nothing;
same as the old one.

eye on the prize, they
said, but they didn’t warn me that
the abyss was it.

I’m a prize fighter:
depression, anxiety
in round after round.

the relationship
was prize enough, but it was
left in the glass box.

the break-up prize is
to wheel yourself to slaughter
day in, and day out.

prize me, polish me,
and keep me on your mantle;
I will like it there.

prize the day when the
sun reaches through dark curtains
to touch my cold skin.

life is not so much a
prize, although we strive for it,
but playing the game.

lost, numb man finds the
prize at the end of his fall,
but can’t enjoy it.

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