Flash! Friday for Dec. 11: The Unseen

If you’re not familiar with what Flash! Friday is, here’s the explainer. But in short, it’s a fun weekly contest of flash fiction writers, where each week a new picture prompt, “element” prompt (based on fire and ice), and a limited word count is given, and writers have 24 hours to submit their story. By Monday, the judges pick a winner.

The Dec. 11 prompt was this picture:

Joy. Pompidou Centre, Paris. CC3.0 photo by Rupert Menneer.

The additional prompt was to either include a chef (fire element) or include an interstellar voyager (ice element). The word count was 81 exactly.

You can read the full results here.

My entry had a word count of 81 words of course, and used the ice element. Here is my entry:

I stretched out, plotting murders from a place nobody could see. I was sent, like a wisp of smoke from a cigarette lit long ago, to kill.

His bronchioles made me the wolf in the woods, but I have no teeth, only replication.

For now, I nestled into this specimen of typical age, typical background, and a rather putrid case of typical joy.

They of such grandiose imagination failed to orient it in the other direction. The molecular.

To the unseen.

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