Some of My First Poems as a Teen

Creative Commons photo.

I was going through my old items, and came across a slew of poems I wrote as a young teenager (between thereabouts 12 to 15 years old), largely inspired by the goofiness of Shel Silverstein. For those who have been following this blog, maybe it’ll be interesting to see such playful poetry before the darkness came. Here are those, only corrected for spelling and clarity:

The Sweater

I can’t wear this sweater. It just won’t work.
When I go to school, I will look like a dork.
I just won’t go to school
to suffer looking like a fool.
Why, you ask, am I complaining about this sweat?
Maybe because it has a whole in it, but I cannot throw a fit
or my mom will get mad and will not tolerate it one bit.
So, I guess I will go to school with my sweater with a hole.
Who cares if my skin is bare?
Do you think anyone at school will care?

The Future

What does the future hold for a man who lives in the past?
When the future is coming very fast?
Will there will be new inventions to keep us going?
Will there be smart people knowing
how to protect us from germs?
Will there be people know terms
to get to college
with their knowledge?
Will there be aliens invading us?
Will there be new weapons to protect us?
Will there be cars flying,
people crying,
because of people dying
for us.
I just wonder what the animals will be doing:
cows mooing,
buzzing bees,
or fleas
in our hair?
Will there be new planets to go and see or will people just not care?
Or will there be the first animals in space, like a bear?
Who knows, I really can’t do anything, but guess
what a mess
the future could be!

First Time On the Road

I went to the bureau to take my test.
I only missed two questions and aced the rest.
When I got in the driver’s seat, I gripped the wheel tight.
I was nervous and filled with fright.
I turned out of the parking lot onto the street.
My palms were seating as if I were in extreme heat.
I drove for a while and reached my destination.
I felt great and I was relieved of all my tension.
My first time on the road,
I was a nervous wreck.
Now I have all of my responsibilities for driving in check.

The Sun

Wouldn’t it be great to visit the sun?
The suit I’d have to wear
would weigh a ton.
It would be hot to just walk on it.
And not get burned at all, not one bit.
One day I actually went and tried.
And ended up melting and died.
But the thing I love the most?
People now call me the Sun Ghost.

The Boogeyman

Everyone is scared of The Boogeyman.
People say I’m not scared of him,
but I tell you, he really can
freeze your limbs
and make you shelter in your bed.
He makes happiness become dead.
Nobody ever dares to fight back.
But what you don’t get
is if fear he lacks,
he can’t harm you one bit.


One day, I went looking for the Abominable Snowman.
I searched and I searched all day long.
All throughout the time, my results were no good.
But I promised some people I would.
I was beginning to feel dumber and dumber
because I was looking for him in the summer.


There was a smelly smell that smelled smelly.
It was a bad smell that wasn’t funny.
Then I realized what it was
that was creating all this buzz.
It was the garbage can from three weeks ago.
Why I didn’t take it out, I don’t know.
I now live here all alone.
It’s like living in The Twilight Zone.
I didn’t know how it go here.
There was nothing at all to fear.
But maybe there was;
all I could do is stare
and wonder how in the world the trash got there.

The Lottery

I decided to stop at the bank,
but first my card an empty tank.
I was the luckiest man in town.
Everyone always thought I was a clown.
But look at me now?
How, you say, did I win?
I couldn’t; I committed a sin
when I rigged it so I could be
as rich as can be.
Bad thing is, 10,000 others
had the same idea as me.

Staying Inside

It’s a stormy day outside.
It’s like the sun had just died.
It was gray and dark
like an ugly shark
way out there.
It’s not fair.
I wanted to go out.
Not now, at least without
a big umbrella to protect me.
I can’t go outside, so what else can there be?
Guess I’ll just stay inside today
until this storm finally goes away.


My mom always would tell me
you can never have a cookie
before dinnertime
like it was a crime.
So, one day, I will say,
I tried sneaking one.
Then I had to run
when I saw my mom come.
“What?! Do you think I’m dumb?
I saw you trying to get a cookie.”
Mom, I’m telling the truth, it wasn’t me.
“Okay then, son, I guess you can have one.”
So, I hurried to the cookie source,
but she said, “After dinner, of course.”

To An End

The world is ending;
I wish I was pretending.
Everyone was running everywhere
to where?
I don’t care.
Didn’t know.
But so
they just wanted to run.
Because they knew they were done.
People had plans to drive in their cars,
but my plan was simply
to just go to Mars.


When it’s really hot and the heat is around,
I definitely will be nowhere to be found.
I don’t like to get burned by the sun.
It’s happened before and it’s no fun.
When the temperature rises,
I’ll be inside for days.
I enjoy the weather
definitely a lot better
when it’s just warm
and a sunburn won’t form.
So, when the heat is in motion,
I definitely will have lotion.

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