Visiting the Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta, plus the Big Chicken

In September 2020, when I visited Atlanta, Georgia to skydive for my birthday, I skydived and also visited the King Center, two items I previously wrote about. Well, one of the other notable items was walking through the Krog Street Tunnel. If you’re not familiar, as I wasn’t prior to visiting, it’s a tunnel in Atlanta linking the Cabbagetwon, Reynoldstown and Inman Park neighborhoods in Atlanta, known for its street art, or graffiti, along the walls of the tunnel. It’s also popular with cyclists.

The tunnel was only a short walk from the King Center and King’s birthplace home.

Street art is one of those organic, spontaneous, grassroots creations where it’s hard to understand … how? How does this happen over time? How does every inch of concrete space get filled with elaborate, skillful art? It’s beautiful in that way.

And of course, like a lot of art, it’s tinged with politics and social messages that goes beyond the artistic expression and talent.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the photos. Be sure to scroll past all the photos for two other cool items

Something else nearby the tunnel was outside exhibited art from recycled materials. To be honest, I don’t remember, and can’t find it from Googling, who or what did these. My apologies:

So, because I didn’t want to do a separate post for it, check out this KFC restaurant. I’ve never seen anything like it.

It’s actually got its own Wikipedia. This KFC in Marietta, Georgia is known as the Big Chicken. It’s a 56-foot-tall steel-sided structured chicken, according to the site. It was built in 1956 and then was renovated in 2017.

Now, that’s cool.

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