Food Review and Recipe: Greek Yogurt-Based Waffles

It’s so cute.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been trying to eat healthier. One of the motivating factors for doing so, aside from the obvious, was that I was getting tired of feeling like all of my meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) involved some sort of carbs. But also, I freaking love a lot of carbs-based things, particularly among breakfast foods, such as waffles, pancakes and French toast.

So, in that spirit, I compromised: I’d have waffles for breakfast today, but let’s try to do it healthier. Because I can’t resist continuing to use this turn of phrase; ergo my Eggo, I made Greek yogurt-based waffle batter!

Here’s the simple way to do it and the necessary ingredients.

Greek Yogurt-Based Waffles


  • Greek yogurt. I used the Greek Gods brand and its strawberry yogurt with honey. A few heaping spoonfuls amounted to 70 calories.
  • Oats. Now, smarter people who aren’t winging things probably have fancy oats, but I used Quaker one-minute quick oats. About a third of a cup, equaling 100 calories.
  • Two large egg whites. Get that yolk out of here! Only 34-ish calories.
  • Baking soda to get your lift!
  • A dash of salt and ground cinnamon to taste. If I had some nutmeg, I definitely would have added that.

So, overall, for these waffles, we’re looking at a little more than 200 calories, around 204 calories. That’s not bad! I don’t think that’s a huge caloric difference with my Aunt Jemima brand waffle (and pancake) mix, but I imagine it’s a healthier batter!


  • Gather the ingredients into a blender, whatever kind of blender you’re using. I have a rather large one that can liquefy, make smoothies and such. I used the liquefy setting because you want that batter to be smooth and well, liquidity rather than mixing it by hand and the oats not breaking down as much.
  • Heat your waffle maker. Now, I used my Dash mini-waffle maker, but obviously, you can use a regular-sized one.
  • Spray it!
  • Scoop enough batter onto the waffle maker to cover the bottom grill. I just eyeball this, but obviously, you can be more precise with two tablespoon scoops or whatever works for your size.
  • Heat to your taste (I prefer crispier).

Boom! Yummy, low-calorie and healthy waffles.

The best part? I didn’t even feel inclined to kill my low-calorie waffles by adding butter and syrup like I normally would. These were tasty enough on their own accord.

With my Dash mini-waffle maker, I was able to squeeze out six (and probably could have pushed it to seven) mini waffles. I reckon on a bigger waffle maker that’s the equivalent to about two, maybe three big waffles? That’s a good amount of waffles with few ingredients!

Anyhow, I highly recommend giving this a shot. I thought my second one here turned out better (and thicker):

Raise your hand if you also eat them as you cook ’em rather than waiting for them all to be done!

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