I’ve Lost 20 Pounds in 70 Days

MyFitnessPal, the most important app to cutting weight. It’s a proven method for me.

Okay, technically it’s 20.3 pounds, but 20 is a nice round number I can’t pass up for titling purposes!

But for real, it’s amazing what not eating like a dumpster diving racoon can do for your waist line.

I’m not an expert. I’m not a nutritionist. I flunked out of anatomy class. I don’t know anything about effectively working out. I’ve certainly not turned into a “gym rat” where I’m pumping iron and doing cardio hours every day. I’m also not skimping on food or only eating salads for dinner.

You know what I’m doing? Putting this incredible 21st century world we live in to use via my smartphone with two helpful apps and my own personal commitment to not quitting.

To the latter, the twin inspirations that keep my going: 1.) I hate, hate … HATE the thought of going back to square one; and 2.) I feel better! Both physically and mentally. I haven’t had some wild body transformation and since I’m losing weight, I obviously haven’t packed on a great deal of muscle or anything. I just feel better. I like that I’ve noticed my stomach shrinking and the faintest of signs that there might actually be abs underneath there!

On July 12, I weighed in at 180.3 pounds. So, 70 days ago, I began my journey of eating better and moderately working out. Today, I did my bi-weekly weigh-in and was 159.9 pounds. Or 20.3 overall pounds lost. More surprising to me is that I lost 5.1 pounds since my prior bi-weekly weigh-in, down from 165 pounds to 159.9 pounds.

All I’m doing is counting calories coming in via MyFitnessPal and ensuring I don’t go over 2,330 calories each day. Some days I finish with 500 calories left over, but most days, it’s more like 900 to 1,100 calories left over. I don’t think it would be as beneficial to always use up all 2,330 “available” calories. What helps to cut is keeping a good distance from what’s available.

For breakfast, I tend to have healthy cereal, such as Bran Flakes at the moment, with minimal 2% milk (I’ve previously written about how dairy messes me up now).

Later in the morning, I might have a snack bar of some sort, such the protein-based Cliff Kid ZBar cinnamon-flavored. Or grapes. Or a banana. Or an apple.

Lunch varies between lunch meat-based sandwiches, yogurt (that’s what I had today) or if I didn’t do grapes and such earlier, perhaps grapes. I’ve also done the protein shakes or regular fruit-based shakes here.

Dinner has mostly involved chicken breasts, thighs and so forth. I’ve been trying to find different chickens to try and so far, rotisserie-style chicken has been my favorite. I’ll try to get some vegetable action in there with a can of corn, green beans or peas.

The key at this point in the day is that I rarely have a late night snack and I’ve tried to have dinner earlier at, say, 5 or 6 p.m., so I’m not eating too late.

Throughout the day, I drink coffee, hot tea and water. Every now and then, I indulge a glass of wine and rarer still, I’ll enjoy a can or two of red cream soda hard seltzer, but I’ve largely kicked beer and hard seltzers.

That’s basically it. It’s not miserable eating! I enjoy all of those foods. I still have “cheat’ days. Like in rewarding myself for my public speaking, I had a Chipotle burrito (and believe it or not, I stayed under my 2,300 calorie goal).

Adding to watching my calories, I regularly do exercises, stretches, yoga and meditation via the FitOn app through my Roku TV. Again, I’m not doing anything too strenuous or crazy. I do between two and three exercises a day, with a day or two I might skip in between.

When I’m not doing some basic stretching and yoga, the exercises typically include focus on abs, back and arms. The purpose is basically to bring my ab muscles to the forefront and to get me moving and doing something.

That’s it. I’m not sure if a nutritionist, who looked through my diet, would think it’s nutritionally sound or not. But whatever I’m doing, it’s knocking off the pounds and I’m feeling better.

If what I’m saying can help you, I’m glad to share! But of course, find what works for you and ensure it’s something you can stick with once you start.

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  1. This is very similar to what I’m doing right now. You can’t beat the My Fitness Pal app. I don’t do the same exercises as you, but I walk 12,000 steps every day. It’s amazing how just tracking your food can cause the weight to go so easily. I also have a Fitbit and track my steps that way, which is linked to My Fitness Pal app. It’s all so easy these days and I’m glad you’re having success too.

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    1. I’m glad it’s working for you as well! It really is amazing! Because I think we think we know how much we’re eating but you really don’t know until you’re tracking it.

      And 12,000 steps every day is a lot! Bravo 👏

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      1. Thank you, Brett. And that’s so true. A little bit of this and a smidge of that just adds up really quick. It’s all about being committed to staying healthy and making those small changes every day. It’s easy to give up at first, but once you notice the changes it’s kind of exciting. I’m glad to know you’re doing this. We can cheer each other on. 😉

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