I Think I Found My New Love: Horseback Riding


I thought of this lovely, beautiful song immediately.

My sisters and I went to Morgan Stables near where we live today and it was my first time horseback riding! I’ve always, always wanted to do it and just never have. And it more than easily lived up to the hype in my head! Because I love these majestic creatures. They’re beautiful. They’re the original “man’s best friend.” And they do so well just dutifully going along on the trail. I was in heaven, folks.

Enjoy this video of Maxx, who I got to ride and who has asthma, enjoying a trot back to his pen. Apparently, that’s his “thing” after the trail ride. He also (along with all the other horses) loved gently eating the peppermint treats out of my hand. Agh, I’m in love.

And then enjoy this one of the fun trot through the muddy trail. So freaking peaceful!

And these aren’t all the photos I took, but enjoy some of these snaps, where I also slip in an amazing shot of my breakfast tacos at the place we ate after the horseback riding:

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