Poem: a few shadowy words

My latest original five-line poem is inspired in part by my latest book read (more on that soon!) and in part by my latest music binge, which in English from French translates to “a few shadowy words.”

I love how it picks up toward the end.

a few shadowy words

act as the beetle trying to escape beneath my corpse,
finding it can’t burrow its way through; unable to
send a clarion message through the carrion void,
the beetle dies there, starving, its unspoken words
become the strings of a violin never touched.

Creative Commons photo.

One thought

  1. had to read three times to get it…and still not sure if I did, there is beetle in it that dies because it tried to burrow through your coupse then it transferred into violin strings that never get played. Did I get it right?////


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