Poem: Barren Is the Soul

A photo I took this morning that inspired me. (I’m not a good photographer, especially of the moon, but I don’t care, quite frankly!)

Today’s original five-line poem was inspired both by the above photo and my realization that today was the first day of spring. I’m not one for doing more, shall we say, positive poems, but I was feeling this one. I truly believe that people ought to take more time out of their day to recognize the beauty around them!

Barren Is the Soul

barren is the soul who walks under the pale blue sky
where the moon, hanging on to see spring sprung,
whispers gossip of the stars’ lovemaking to the tree,
and where the dewy tendrils of the grass beckon us,
but the soul turns inward instead, hearing only echoes.

Also, hey, it’s my 100th blog post in a row (thanks for counting, WordPress!), so that’s pretty neat. Thank you to all of you who continue to follow and read my musings. Here is to another 100 days!

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