Poem: Doodling Gravestones

Creative Commons photo.

Thank you, Joe Hill, for the inspiration for today’s five-line, original poem. I don’t even remember the context in his book I’m currently reading, but at one point, he used the phrase “doodling gravestones,” and that was a, “Add this to my notes,” moment. And here we are.

Also, I did not plan this. I was jumping around sampling songs on Spotify and this is the one I landed on. Apropos to listen to while crafting this poem, and for you to listen to while reading it.

Relaxing, in a way.

Doodling Gravestones

i was doodling on faded gravestones
when the moon whispered, add me,
i’m tired up here,
and so, i did.
and the moon fell to the dirt;
i doodled more until it waned.

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