Poem: She Dissolved

Creative Commons photo.

My latest original five-line poem is a poem I’ve been trying to make work in my head for a couple weeks now, and I ended up inverting it from where I was originally going with it.

She Dissolved

when i touched you, i burned;
you were a dissolving snowflake
i tried to grasp in my hands,
flaking my own skin off,
leaving behind a barren skeleton.

One thought

  1. Brett, I like your poem. It reminds me of one of my own…

    by Michael R. Burch

    for Beth

    Entirely, as spring consumes the snow,
    the thought of you consumes me: I am found
    in rivulets, dissolved to what I know
    of former winters’ passions. Underground,
    perhaps one slender icicle remains
    of what I was before, in some dark cave—
    a stalactite, long calcified, now drains
    to sodden pools whose milky liquid laves
    the colder rock, thus washing something clean
    that never saw the light, that never knew
    the crust could break above, that light could stream:
    so luminous,
    so bright,
    so beautiful . . .
    I lie revealed, and so I stand transformed,
    and all because you smiled on me, and warmed.

    Published by Borderless Journal


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