Breaking free of gender stereotypes

Something has been nagging at the back of my mind lately. Time to get it out…

Just based on observance and anecdotal evidence, I feel as if American society is overly macho and that mentality enables a perceived parameter for gender roles. As in, men can only do certain things and woman can only do certain things and if they crisscross, men see that as weakness, girly or even “gay.”

But I think that’s all nonsense. Is it weakness, girly or gay for a man to get a pedicure or a manicure? To attend a yoga or Pilates class? Why are those things derided as such? Shouldn’t a man not only feel comfortable in his own skin to do those things (because there’s nothing inherently “girly” or “gay” about it), but actually want to do them if it means a higher standard of hygiene and fitness?

Additionally, I find it very perturbing when something is lambasted because it’s thought of as “gay.” To me, when someone says that, I think they are implying a gay man is not really a “man.” As if a heterosexual man is the only kind of “man” there is. Again, that’s nonsense. A homosexual man is every bit of “man” that his heterosexual counterpart is.

To elaborate a bit further on being comfortable in one’s skin, I think people also take themselves way too seriously. Why let society box you into these arbitrary standards of what a man is “supposed” to do and what a woman is “supposed” to do?

And besides, pedicures feel amazing. Between the massage chair massaging your ass, whatever hot liquid they rub up your legs, your feet soaking in hot water, and how utterly cleansed you feel afterwards, guys would be crazy to not take advantage of that. We can have nice things too without feeling like were less than “men” or “girly” or “gay.”

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