A Hostile Writing Environment: Poking an introvert with an extrovert stick

I’m starting to get a bit frustrated with my writing environment. Full disclosure: I still live at home. Thus, I’m frequently in contact with my parents, my now-back-at-home twin sister, and my often-visiting brother (with his baby).

Often, as someone that enjoys writing, I well, write. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Sometimes that’s a labor of love and other times I can churn material out in rapid succession. In any event, it’s a time-consuming activity no matter how you look at it between formulating an idea, writing it, researching for it (if applicable), constructing it, conjuring up an enticing hook-of-a-title, the editing process, the reediting process, and so forth.

So, if I am spending a large amount of time locked away in my room with the rhythmically soothing sound of keyboard strokes a-going and the aroma of coffee filtering out, there’s a reason for it.

Granted, I’m not always writing, but even that in and of itself is writing, I think. Not writing is a segue to writing in terms of brainstorming and formulating ideas. Sometimes I need hours to myself to stimulate a writing mentality and so forth; it’s just my process.

Moreover, sometimes I’m engaging in writing’s foundation: reading. I’m consuming articles, books and the like, which either just wet my appetite to read or actually inspire ideas to write about. Again, this is a time-consuming activity.

And yes, sometimes I’m not focused at all on writing or reading and I’m just browsing goofy stuff on reddit, but I digress…

The point is, that I am often lambasted for being lazy, unproductive, antisocial, and a number of things that directly create what I feel at times is a hostile writing environment. A line I often get is, “You’re not doing anything anyways.” No, I’m not doing what you want me to do.

At times, this hostile environment abates my ability to get into a comfort zone and write freely, as it infringes on my mind. Don’t confuse me here. I am not using this as a crutch for procrastination or anything of the sort. I feel it’s a legitimate gripe. I have no issue admitting to at times bending to the will of procrastination. This is different.

There’s two parts here though. On one hand, I am an introvert, so I enjoy being alone, as I enjoy solitude at times. On the other hand, I enjoy solitude at times because I need to write. I’m not antisocial, I don’t dislike people and I am not lazy. Introverts like people; they just don’t like always being around people. And I don’t always like being around people for a number of reasons, but one of them is because I am trying to feed my ever-hungry muse.

Essentially, what this post amounts to is this: let me write and not feel bad about it.

One thought

  1. Your problem is American culture. American culture is way more extraverted than other cultures from different countries. The majority of Americans make a lot of noise, promote peer pressure for socialising, are notoriously known for celebrity culture, and have the requirement to gain social networks that create job opportunities, which all significantly lean towards extraversion. What American culture also does is not protect personal privacy from celebrities, especially introvered ones, because of paparazzis. It all makes American culture come across as obnoxiously extraverted to foreigners who are used to more introverted cultures that protect people’s personal privacy. Which is why the non-American entertainers choose to not live in America for their personal privacy, especially if they are introverted.

    As an introvert myself, I would hate to live in America. If were to become a well-known entertainer or inventor, then I would want my personal privacy very much. Celebrity culture bores me. Trying to talk with emotional extroverts who are traditional for my career advancement would be annoying. My argument is that American culture is based on emotional reactions from gullible consumerism more than analytical thinking. So, I would say that America is more extravertedly emotional than most countries. Especially since America is known for more learning disabilities, illiteracy, impulsive eating that leads to health disorders that cause mental disorders, impulsive drinking that leads to health disorders that cause mental disorders, and wildly reacting to celebrity culture than other countries. There is a lack of healthy introverts who are geniuses in America as a result despite the big population.

    From what I gather, your personality is not compatible with American culture entirely. America has been normalising American sweatshop factories that have grueling deadlines that make workers burnt out. So, it is getting harder to relax and do things at your own pace in America’s increasingly ruthless economy that treats the working class like replaceable machine parts that only benefits American elites. Workers will get fired if they are deemed lazy and unproductive. America has started to look like China and Japan as a result. Especially since suicide rates, depression, anxiety, and putting profit over well-being and human rights have become normalised in America.

    There are much less highly innovative writers in America than other countries because of its increasingly anti-intellectual culture of assembly line workers who are treated like replaceable machine parts with barely any time for leisure that prevents them from being able to use their minds fully. It is why intelligence is decreasing and gullible consumerism becomes normalised in new generations of America.


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