It’s time to get control of sexual assaults in the military

The Invisible War

The first step to doing so, as I see it and as Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, does, is to get the cases out of the military chain of command.

From the article:

Gillibrand’s legislation would remove commanders from the process of deciding whether serious crimes, including sexual misconduct cases, go to trial. That judgment would rest instead with seasoned trial lawyers who have prosecutorial experience and hold the rank of colonel or above. Her bill would take away a commander’s authority to convene a court-martial. That responsibility would be given to new and separate offices outside the victim’s chain of command.

Right now, I find it obscene that cases are still processed within the military chain of command, which enables inevitable abuse, negligence and oversight to take place.

If you’re looking for an insightful and thoughtful look into this issue, check out the great documentary The Invisible War. It’s on Netflix Instant and I’m sure you could view it in its entirety on YouTube. Here’s the trailer:

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