Leaking is okay if we do it

Obama and Bush

A great piece from Conor Friedersdorf about the double standard applied to the leaking of classified information from the Bush and now Obama administrations. Here’s a snippet:

Everyone with access to classified information swore to follow the law and keep it secret. Why are only people without power and connections criticized for violating their oath?

I think this is what irritates me most among other things about this whole affair: the double standard; it’s okay for us to leak information when it’s politically advantageous to us, but if you do it, you’re a traitor, you’ve committed treason and we will lock you up, if we can.

For instance, the Obama administration leaked information about the “kill list” because they thought it would make him look tough on terrorists. First, besides the double standard of the leak itself, is anyone else bothered by the fact that they thought a “kill list” would make him look good? I mean, among the blowhards in Congress, it does make him look good, but that just makes this all the more troubling.

And then, Bush, his administration leaked information that would convince the American public that going to war in Iraq was justifiable or at least try to.

It’s abhorrently sickening.

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