Superman Unchained a feast of beautiful artwork and a cool direction for Superman

Superman Unchained

I’m loving this new series under the direction of Scott Snyder and the beautiful artwork of Jim Lee. In fact, the latter is probably what has attracted me most to this New 52 series. I love the look of Superman, as it feels slick and cool.

Story-wise, they’ve infused some revisionist history into the story of Superman and you can color me intrigued. Essentially, the bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan during World War II was actually a superhuman utilized by the United States government. Such a superhuman being is still around all these years later and may, it seems, pose a big threat to Superman.

And reading the interviews with Snyder and Lee, it’s obvious they have great affection and love for the Superman character, his mythos and the supporting cast, so I trust in them to do the material justice. I’m looking forward to Issue #2 to start getting more answers. 😀

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