Who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman?

The Best

It’s the age-old question fans of DC comics, Superman and Batman always like to pose or consider. And ardent fans of both will have their reasons why the other ought to or would win, but specifically, this question was posed to Man of Steel director Zack Snyder at the San Diego Comic-Con…

He says, “Look, I love Batman, right? He’s awesome. Really, no, literally awesome. But, like, really?” And I love Cavill just smiling next to him.

It’s really the perfect answer because we’re talking about Superman here. Batman may be the top physical specimen humans have to offer; he may be the top strategist humans have to offer; and he may be the best detective humans have to offer, but there’s one thing he’s not and that’s a god like Superman.

The only way Batman beats Superman is if the person that wants Batman to beat Superman comes up with a million different conditions that would allow for it to happen. Especially if we’re looking at the Man of Steel Superman, a bad-ass dude that took on Zod and his cronies, there ain’t no way Batman can measure up to that. So, I’m glad in the 2015 sequel featuring Batman in some capacity, there’s hope yet that Batman won’t be kicking Superman’s ass, as some felt might happen give the use of The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel line…

The fight

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