Max Landis’ script of Batman and Superman talking about the JLA

So, I read the conversation between Bruce and Clark where Bruce introduces the concept of the Justice League of America to Clark.

There was some promising moments, but overall, it was a big, “Eh…” to me. I understand it’s an Elseworld tale (meaning not related to the continuity of the DC Universe), but even so, the dialogue didn’t feel like things either character would say. Moreover, the mannerisms and such felt unlike them as well. I’m very anal about how Superman is characterized and to a lesser extent, Batman, so when it feels off; it feels very off.

That said, at one point, Clark is lamenting about the destruction caused in Metropolis by the fight with Doomsday and he says, “I am just another monster.” That’s a powerful line and if the rest of the dialogue had been better, it would have been perfect.

I didn’t hate it, but yeah, it needed some revising. At the least, the ending was pretty good with Superman incredulous that Batman could merely call Wonder Woman and then inquiring whether she was scary with Batman answering in the affirmative.

The Best

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