They say less is more; I tend to agree

2013 Television Critics Association's Summer Press Tour - NBC Party

Growing up, I had the biggest crush on Christina Aguilera. First off, there is something sexy and exotic about her name that makes her stand out. But beyond that, we managed to cross paths at the right time, unbeknownst to her of course. She was going through her “dirty” phase right when I was going through my “puberty” stage. I’ll leave it at that…Oh and she has one of the best vocals of any female singer I’ve ever heard. There are not many females singers that could pull off “Beautiful” quite like Christina:

That said, she’s somewhat dropped off my radar in recent years. For whatever reason, I stopped listening to her music and I stopped viewing her through the same pubescent fantasy eyes, which seems a natural course of events. Moreover, I felt like she kinda lost some of her sex appeal, but that’s to be expected in some respects given the aforementioned, as well as the fact of her own aging.

So, I was pleased to see newly released photos of Christina and she looks to be back to a more subtle, less-is-more philosophy with her fashion, accessories and makeup. She’s not “dirty” again, but well; we can’t always get what we want…

I don’t post much about fashion and the like, but it is a subject that fascinates me. Obviously, I’m a guy and as such, I don’t have to dabble into makeup and too much fashion. Even so, I find it infinitely attractive when a woman knows how to accentuate her features and assets to their potential. That is, they have good fashion and makeup sense, which are attuned to who they are and what they want to project to others. Seriously, one of the first things I notice in a girl is what she’s wearing. And I don’t mean that in a, “I’m checking out her body way,” but in a, “Hmm, she dresses well.” Okay, duh, the former is there too, but I am very attracted to the latter.

A turn-off, however, is too much – to overdo it. I’m not attracted to copious amounts of makeup weighing down your face or tanning that looks to be killing your skin cell by cell, or excessive accessories (like long fake nails are kinda gross to me). Subtle seems the best way to go, as in wearing makeup without seeming to be wearing it. For instance, look at this picture of Christina from years ago:


Ignore the wild hair for now and focus in on the makeup. I’ve never liked such a dark shade of red. It seems to never mesh well with the rest of the face and it makes the lips seem almost clown-like. The same reasoning applies to my dislike of too much eye shadow. Personally, I don’t get the use of eye shadow unless (continuing the theme here) it is a very subdued, soft color. I love beautiful and engaging eyes, so why detract from them with too much eye shadow or a dark or heavy color?

Christina has always been known for outlandishness and especially in recent years in terms of a lot of glamor and makeup. In the above picture, she looks more subdued with a modest dress, a simpler hairstyle, and well-blended makeup, which enhances her glow without, as I said, overdoing it.

She looks great and besides, who doesn’t like that shade of pink? It’s gorgeous. I’m not a fashion expert, but aesthetically, I find  it fun to consider, so thank you for indulging my twelve-year-old nostalgia.

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