Bradley Manning found not guilty of “aiding the enemy”

This was by far the most serious charge against Bradley Manning. Some more reactions…

All in all at least, it’s good to know that he won’t be charged with the absolutely asinine crime of aiding the enemy, but the fact that he’s still being charged with espionage and faces as much potential jail time as he does, it alarming and offensive to democracy and liberty, as far as I see it. The Obama administration’s aggressive prosecution of whistleblowers takes a step back in some small measure with the acquittal of the “aiding the enemy” charge. It’s something.

Bradley Manning

4 thoughts

  1. Not really. You might not understand how prosecutors work.They charge people with multiple offenses knowing they might not get a conviction on all counts. Zimmerman charged with murder 2 and manslaughter, other killers charged with murder one and murder two etc..


    1. It depends on the circumstances. Sometimes they think they just toss in the highest charge possible, but know they likely won’t get it. In this case, by all accounts, the government very much wanted to prosecute him for charge of aiding the enemy. It’s a bit of a blow to them, I’d say.


      1. Well if his sentence is lengthy, I just don’t see it being a blow. A harsh sentence will send a message and will most certainly be a deterrent to future document leakers.


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