Sometimes, I think we get a bit cynical about celebrity culture and I’m guilty of that as well, and as such, we overlook that celebrities often use their status and platform to influence and otherwise help people. Really nice to hear a feel-good story in that context.


People can severely underestimate the sheer good Celebrities can do when it comes to things like Depression and Self Harm so I thought I’d share some of the examples I’ve experienced in my battle. I’ve obviously been incredibly lucky to have the family I do, The Friends I do and the Employers I do because I’m aware a lot of people haven’t shared this part of their world yet.

The first person is Demi Lovato. I’ve talked about her before a lot on Twitter but she really is a shining example of what I’m trying to say here. For those who don’t know, Demi has had numerous problems which were made quite public a few years ago. She struggled with an Eating disorder, Self Harm and Alcohol Abuse. Rather than let these get the better of her like so many other Child Stars. She rose above them and is now…

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