The Contradiction of Conspiracy Theorists

You know, what I find fascinating — like how I find a bird flying headfirst into a window fascinating — is how, for the most part, seemingly normal functioning people in our society that work, graduated high school (maybe even college), raise kids and manage to dress themselves in the morning, maintain these absurd adherences to conspiracy theories; the moon landing was faked, aliens built the pyramids and far more egregiously fucking stupid, that Sandy Hook and other mass shootings are government fabricated events to enable the confiscation of guns or most brain dead stupid, that 9/11 was government-perpetrated, which is not to say these people go around thinking about it all the time, but that they still lend them credence is exposing yourself as pretty damn dumb.

That’s essentially a long-ass sentence to bluntly condemn the absurdity of conspiracy theorists. And they perturb me beyond their stupidity because they ignore all the awful, verifiable actions governments, including ours, perform every day.

Full disclosure: Back when I was 14 or 15 I believed many of these conspiracy theories. Loose Change about 9/11 blew my mind. Then something wild happened; I grew up. I matured and educated myself, which is really fucking easy in the Information Age. Plus just using common sense…

Area 51

One thought

  1. One of the most interesting things I’ve looked up is “conspiracies theories that were actual conspiracies”. Worth a few minutes of google. 🙂

    It saddens me to have discussions about these kinds of things. I had a discussion with one guy who believe that the Catholic Church and Islam’s elites were in collusion to destroy the real believers. Because, behind the scenes, the Catholic Church and Islam are run by Satanists. I shit you not! The fact that I’m an atheist made this all even more absurd, since it really doesn’t matter which imaginary being you worship.


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