The Magic Carpet

My latest entry in Flash! Friday based on the word prompt “freedom” and the picture prompt below:


This wasn’t the kinda thing Gibson normally did. Normally, he stayed insulated inside while his “friends” allowed alcohol to inundate their veins and ratchet their adrenal medulla.

The John Hopkins University School of Medicine wasn’t going to come to him.

But Clarice did. And for Gibson, she proved to be the unhinging he didn’t know he craved.

She was the flower-in-the-hair whimsical type that seemed to float above the lush green carpeting of the forest that day.

Or maybe that was the mushroom they’d munched on earlier.

“Natural treats from Mother Earth, who are we to deny?” she had said. Like he could have.

Within an hour, the shrooms hit his consciousness. Within two hours, Clarice was laughing at him for having a conversation about schizophrenia and genetics with a squirrel.

After four hours, Gibson was climbing the largest oak tree in the forest, affectionately known as “Big Motherfucker.”

Then he soared to the forest floor, thinking he’d sprouted wings.

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