Inside the mind of the girl who is TOO SKINNY.

Worth a read. Maybe people will start getting “it.”


I am too skinny. I have only ever been chubby for the first six months of my life. but around once a year (if i’m lucky) someone will say, “oh! you’ve gained weight” because they have been deceived by my clothes that make me look fuller. At that moment i would feel sad because i know it isn’t true, happy because that is what i want-to be fuller.

First relatives.. then classmates.. friends.. enemies.. teachers.. lecturers.. coworkers.. hairdressers.. cashiers.. strangers.

Somehow there isn’t one person in this world i can think of who has not contributed to my extreme low self esteem.

“OMG-you’re SO skinny” “Hold on, the wind might take you” “How much do you weigh?!” “Careful, you might break in two” “You are SO LUCKY” “I wish i was thin.. but not as thin as you” “You’re pretty, if only you were not so painfully skinny…” “That dress is for…

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