Mood Changes

My latest entry in Flash! Friday’s weekly contest. As usual, a 160 word max, the word prompt “include a baby” and the photo above as a prompt. 

Grace Moody let the scratchy tentacles of the billowing grass fan over her sun-burnt face. She arched her back on the green canvas, as she squinted into the sun.

She stood and returned to her baby hut forged with rocks. A wool blanket covered the far ground, a pot of boiling plants she’d rummaged from the hillside gurgled in the corner and a berry-painted portrait of a man adorned the left wall.

“Not today, Avery, not now,” Grace said to the rock wall.

With her pointer finger, she dipped into a canister of crushed blueberries, swirled and then dragged her finger across the dirt ground. No discernible shapes; squiggles.

“Why do you always get on my case, Avery? I didn’t leave it all behind to hear that cantankerous tosh.”

Grace had told her mother she was dead, merely a corpse covered in posh skin. Then left. Without her pills. Without her weekly doctor appointments. Without watchful eyes.

“Okay, tomorrow, Avery.”

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