American Exceptionalism? Eh

Black in America

You often hear from both parties, conservatives and liberals, that America is somehow exceptional. But why is this?

After the Revolutionary war and our separation from Britain, we did have a chance to make ourselves exceptional in the course of history by freeing all men, black and white. Instead we chose a familiar path that kicked the elephant in the room down the street until the Civil War, which then only kicked it down the street until the Civil Rights era, which only kicked it down the street until now and until that erupts…

We separated from Britain to assert our autonomy from a king, but today our executive enjoys far more power than the kings of old could ever imagine.

Are we exceptional because we’re the only country to ever drop not just one, but two nuclear bombs on a country?

Sure, our Bill of Rights is pretty badass, but it’s too easily discarded in favor of the next biggest fear.

I guess we did go to the moon…


One thought

  1. America is only exceptional in regards to military power and economic power. Otherwise, the rest of the world has better I.Q.s, infrastructures, healthcare systems, education systems, social safety nets, quality of life, online privacy rights, human rights in general, etc.


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