Dream Makers and Repairers


I had a meeting with a journalism professor at Oxford that went splendidly and it prompted this minor musing.

Sometimes I think people get bogged down in the negativity and cynicism of the people constantly telling them, “You can’t do this; you can’t make it. You’re nothing,” and to some extent, rightfully so, because fuck those people. I get bogged down in it, too, sometimes.

But it’s worth, nevertheless, not losing sight of all those people along the way silently and not so silently opening doors and clearing the path for you. Those people are awesome. And I don’t even think they realize the extent of what they’re doing or how much impact it actually has. Inversely, the aforementioned assholes either don’t realize or do and don’t care, how much they’re impeding the progress of someone else every time they utter, “You can’t do it.”

Dream breakers and dream repairers, that’s the world, right?


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