And Yet

My latest in the weekly Flash! Friday contest wherein they would usually provide a word prompt, but there wasn’t one this week. Instead, it was just the picture above and whatever prose we could craft in under 160 words.

In that moment between being and not being, Julian knew it was useless to try to prevent the not being. The moment something; life, a thought or a glass of red wine poured from a bottle, it was in the process of not being.

As it would end. All things would end. And yet.

Julian sipped, knowing that he was stacking the odds further in favor of the not being, reducing the wine only to a memory of its smell, the way its taste embedded within the layers of his tongue and the way at that moment, he knew he was seeing the most unique sunset; a shared collective oneness with all who saw that shading into the not being, as the sunset would end, too.

These memories, too, would end, a nothingness in the void he left behind.

And yet. There was something pulsing in the in-between. Some force, almost faint, stubbornly refusing the not being.

So, Julian sipped.

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