A White Christmas

My latest entry (2 of 2, yes, I did 2 entries this week~! Check out the first one here) in the latest Flash! Friday weekly flash fiction contest wherein they provide the above photo and you provide no more than 160 words.

Calvin snugged the Santa hat as tight around his ears as he could. It was going to be a long walk back to the house with the car now dead, but nothing was going to stop him from surprising Andre like this.

Not even the polyester on the hat, which he was sure was leaving a red rash against his dark skin.

Andre wanted a Star Wars lightsaber for Christmas, the one Obi-Wan Kenobi used. It was pricey, but this year would be special. If he had to eat black beans for three weeks after, so be it.

Then in the darkness, the red and blue lights of a police car blinded him. Without thinking, he brought his arm holding the lightsaber to his eyes to shield them.

The lone officer stepped out of his vehicle, his red and blues highlighting a dark man in a hood with what looked like a sword in a threatening motion.

Calvin stepped forward.

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