Stocking Stuffer

My latest entry (1 of 2, yes, I did 2 entries this week~! Check out the second one here) in the latest Flash! Friday weekly flash fiction contest wherein they provide the above photo and you provide no more than 160 words.

Charlie said Santa was a butthole because he didn’t come to his house last year. And because of that, he said Santa wasn’t real. But I knew that was silly since I could see Santa sitting in the biggest chair I’ve ever ever seen with gold around its red edges.

Mom said I could go to the mall and meet Santa if I cleaned my room. But mom’s just being silly because I always kept my room clean. I picked up my copy of The Adventures of Captain Underpants that had fallen off my shelf, put it back in front of A Wrinkle in Time. That’s all there was to do.

Santa said when I was sitting on his lap what I guess he said to all the kids except Charlie since he’s rotten, “What do you want for Christmas, little boy?”

I said back to him, distracted by the movement next to my leg, “Is that your toy, Santa?”

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