My Favorite Political Cartoons of the Year

I did a post yesterday picking my favorite Photo of the Year, but political cartoons are a different breed of animal and I quite dig those, too. Some can be fairly obvious in their depiction of current events and others can get it just right in a powerful way. And some are just freaking funny. I may add a blurb, if necessary, but generally I feel as if political cartoons are self-explanatory. Using the Washington Post for guidance. Here are some of my runner-up favorites:

These first three I think capture the essence of the “conversation about race” we’re always supposed to have when something flares up.

Race Discussion


Race Discussion1


Race Discussion2




don't shoot

It’s not a political cartoon, but it’s worth pointing out again The New Yorker’s brilliant cover:

new yorker

And here’s my #1:

I can't breathe

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