The Fear of the Other


Photo above this post courtesy of balOOn.

I think most fears, paranoia, and otherwise perceived turbulence in human-to-human interactions would abate quite readily, if one could replace “the other” with “the same.” I mean this within the sphere of politics and culture.

But fear of the nefarious “other” has been the mechanism since human relations to the present to control humans, whether it’s a king, a pope, a president, a prime minister or a dictator.

It’s a powerful tool. Demonize the other and you can do as you please to them: keep them from coming into your country, keep them from coming into your businesses, beat them, torture them, enslave them and kill them. Then justify all the previous actions by blaming them for being the “other.”

Even the real monsters walking among us… The ones perpetrating evil that seems beyond the scope of understanding; they are us, too. It’s far too easy to suggest that they are somehow different… Animals, lower than humans. Nope, they are indeed humans.

That proclivity toward detachment allows us the convenience of ignoring lessons from history and enables us to repeat those same mistakes. Because obviously if the Nazis were something altogether different from the human race, then they’re happening and the evil they engaged in must’ve been some evil apparition on the scale of history and its events.

But of course that’s silly.

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