Furious 7: The Farewell


No spoilers. 

But probably not. This one is bound to make or get extremely close to $1 billion worldwide. I’d be shocked if they didn’t shoot for an eighth film. Nevertheless, it’s a farewell to Paul Walker, the young actor and longtime FF lead (alongside Diesel) that died not long ago in a car crash.

There’s a reason these movies endure and it’s not just the mindless fun, the bad-ass cars, the action or even the somewhat gratuitous hot women throughout. It’s the heart and the familia. This franchise is made up of a clearly close-knit group of actors that have known each other across 7 movies in 15 years. They lost one of their own. That heart and love seeps through and threads all the mindless action together.

I’m a fan of the franchise, always have been and I was happy to go see this one. But it’s worth mentioning: the Transformers franchise gets shit on, largely because Michael Bay is an easy target, but also for a variety of reasons. Take the criticisms from the most recent Transformers movie. They were essentially:

  • The slow panning on women’s bodies, gratuitously and often. Don’t get me wrong. I like a beautiful woman and body as much as the next person, but I was uncomfortable after that 10th slow-mo on a girl’s ass.
  • The cheap product placement. In this case, Corona.
  • The convoluted plotlines. I didn’t even try to make sense of this one.
  • The absurd action. Too numerous to consider.
  • Cheesy dialogue, along with cliches like, “I’ll stick that finger where the sun don’t shine!”

But, again, the reason why I think Furious gets a pass for it and Transformers doesn’t is the heart of the film, the good casting, and the self-awareness that they’re making a fun popcorn movie where you turn off your mind and just sink into it. I dig that. I do.

If you’re a fan of the franchise, this has everything you want in it. If you’re a fan of action movies, this has everything you want in it. Otherwise, you’re one of the few that won’t go see this.

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