Lily Pads

My Three Line Thursday entry this week. Poetry, yo. Thirty words max, 10 words max per the three lines you have in response to Matt Adamik’s photograph above. My entry received a honorable mention with the judge’s generous thoughts:

“The personification of human life as lily pads, afloat in a sky of screaming onyx – what a profound thought. It’s a wonder that we do not sink from the weight of our frailties that we carry upon us, that we make more obvious in our attempts to mask them. All the while the lily pad is steady and is ignorant to what we attach so much importance to. Might they even float closer to each other than we? This lovely poem is one that should resonate with its reader and will make them look more closely at how interactions are more than what they seem. ”

Our gaps, like infinite lily pads on a black void,
a raging darkness buoys them above the surface.
Lily pads, at least they know not their frailty.

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