Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

If you’re one of the weirdos that haven’t seen it yet…

There’s been so much typical cynicism around this film since it was announced, largely as spillover from Man of Steel hate, but I’ve been reading as many discussion threads about it post-Comic Con trailer and I see a lot of those cynics converted. At least for the time being. Obviously, a good trailer doesn’t equate to a good movie, but it certainly helps for the hype train.

And what a trailer it is. I’ve seen it three times now and all three times I’ve gotten chills and near-teary-eyed. I’m not exaggerating and I don’t care how nerdy and weird that sounds. I just love Superman and Batman and to see those two iconic entities on the screen together in a live-action film, holy shit.

First and foremost, a lot of the cynicism revolved around the casting of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman. I, for one, had no doubts about him because Affleck is a formidable actor. And this trailer seems to confirm my thinking. The dude looks legitimate and like Bruce/Batman to me. The shot of him running toward the building Zod destroyed in MoS gave me chills. He’s just a man — at peak powers, but a man — running toward the destruction wrought by two literal gods. It’s stunning.


Then the next part that almost brings me to tears is a counter to the MoS hate where they said Superman wasn’t seen as a symbol of hope, a beacon of light for humanity. Well, he certainly seems like he will be presented as such in this film:


He’s our savior, man. Then there was some criticism of Jesse Eisenberg a Lex Luthor. Personally, I think he looks fine and I’m excited to see his portrayal of the character.


I can’t believe I have to wait another 8-ish months to see this film. It’s going to be epic beyond belief and hopefully the true start of something unbelievable for DC.

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