My latest flash fiction story from Flash! Friday. They offer a list (and a photo) of prompts and you select ’em and write, in this instance, no more than 125 words.

Elements: Man vs. self, island setting, picture prompt

I woke up today. Probably went to bed two moons ago, but I’ve lost track and the moon’s light can’t penetrate my black curtains.

Just kicking the can, as if kicking it isn’t kicking myself.

I’m stranded on an island nobody can see or get to. I send up the occasional smoke signal, like when I retrieved the mail the other day; my neighbor was outside and waved to me. I couldn’t get my hand up. But that was my biggest accomplishment of September.

I was happy about that.

But today, I woke up. And that’s something.

From behind my curtains, I see the cul-de-sac below. A small kid peddled a classic Big Wheel.

I remembered those, back before the island developed within.

Hmm, yeah.

Photo by Luis Marina

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