The Times They Are A Changin’

So, there’s something interesting to further contemplate here as a representation of how people perceive the state of society. Consider this meme from The Andy Griffith Show that gets passed around often:

Andy Griffith

You’ll find people that say, “Times have changed,” implying two things: 1.) Today is more violent than back then and therefore, 2.) it’s sensible to carry a weapon. About that, however…

The murder rate in 1968, the last year the show ran, was 6.9 with a population of 199 million. Today it’s 4.5 with a population of 318 million.

Times have indeed changed, just not in the way people seem to be implying.

The major difference, aside from crime going own, is that media saturation has gone up, giving the illusion of more crime.

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