Diversity Makes Us Better: Recommendations for Who To Follow


There was a recent New York Times article arguing that diversity makes us better. It’s better to be in diverse groups rather than homogeneous ones. The authors said:

“When surrounded by people “like ourselves,” we are easily influenced, more likely to fall for wrong ideas. Diversity prompts better, critical thinking. It contributes to error detection. It keeps us from drifting toward miscalculation.”

I’d argue that we could see more diversity within academia itself, as much of the focus is on the student body rather than the professors, but I digress.

To that endeavor, I was interested in rounding up the people I follow on all sides of the political spectrum and then journalists and activists in general. I don’t always agree with these people, but I appreciate intellectual conservatives and progressives worth engaging with and because they challenge my own ideas. I could have thrown in more really radical anarchists, but that seems to be jumping too far into the deep end. Alas:


Charles C.W. Cooke, National Review columnist.
Michael B. Dougherty, senior correspondent of The Week.
Ross Douthat, New York Times columnist.
Jack Hunter, editor of Rare.


Charles M. Blow, New York Times Columnist.
Jamelle Bouie, Slate magazine columnist.
Christopher Hayes, anchor of “All In with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC.
Tim Wise, anti-racism activist.


Thaddeus Russell, history professor at Occidental College.
Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune columnist.
Connor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic columnist.
Elizabeth Nolan Brown, reporter for Reason magazine.

Journalists I follow worth a look:

Radley Balko, one of the best on the policing issue at WaPo.
Wesley Lowery, one of the best on policing/race at WaPo.
Margaret Sullivan, NYT Public Editor.
Jay Rosen, a journalist professor at NYU, awesome media critic.
Murtaza Hussain, journalist at The Intercepet, foreign policy.
Glenn Greenwald, journalist at The Intercept, fearless.
Matt Pearce, reporter for the L.A. Times.
Christopher Moraff, freelancer on criminal justice.
Pamela Colloff, Editor of Texas Monthly and the best longform writer in the game, if you ask me.
Liliana Segura, reporter at The Intercept, criminal justice.

Not really sure where they fit, but worth following:

Ta-Naheisi Coates, The Atlantic columnist.
Popehat, for issues on law.
Fredrik deBoer, writes about politics and culture.
Jeet Heer, Senior Editor at The New Republic.
Matt Haig, author, writes great things about suicide/depression.
Reza Aslan, religion issues.

For Black Lives Matter-type issues:

Jamil Smith, Senior Editor at the New Republic.
Jelani Cobb, columnist at The New Yorker.
Deray McKesson, one of the more known peeps with BLM.
Johnetta Elzie
Shaun King
Bree Newsome, total bad-ass (she took down the Confederate flag in South Carolina).

Interaction with our ideological differs makes us better.

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