Silent Walls

So, Flash! Friday, the flash fiction writing contest I’ve participated in for quite some time is closing up shop. Today is their last Friday contest. The prompt is to start with the line, “On Friday everything changed,” and write 100 words exactly. No photo prompt. I did three stories. I submitted two. Here’s the one I didn’t submit:

On Friday everything changed.

Jonathan was dead. Big change. After all, on Thursday, he was alive with gin on his tongue and my flesh between his knuckles.

Friday, the gin rested on a rotted tongue and my flesh was freed to heal.

There was also the gaping hole I’d created in Jonathan’s head. The blood splattered on the wall would make Pollock swoon.

I drank the rest of the gin, lost. Didn’t know what to do. I’d pictured my finger on the trigger; the barrel to his temple.

But this part? I hadn’t thought ahead. I enjoyed the silence, however.


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