Another entry I did for the Flash! Fiction flash fiction contest. The prompt was, “On Friday everything changed” as the first sentence and no more or less than 100 words. I’m assuming every writer can relate to this one:

On Friday everything changed.

I arrived at the blank screen, ready for our usual tango, but my muse remained a brain dweller, not daring to emerge. The blank screen mocked me. And the cursor blinked its catcalls at me, preying on my insecurities.

They knew me to be a fraud. Other times I’d written were accidents – spilled ink. I was exposed. My fingers hovered over the keyboard, paralyzed. My brain sputtered, ineffectual against the brightness of the white screen.

The gig was up; time to move on. I was a mere flash before the abyss, just another hapless muse slayed.


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