Here’s my entry in the last Flash! Friday flash fiction contest. The prompt was, “On Friday everything changed,” as the first sentence and no more or less than 100 words. I don’t usually write something this sentimental and such, but it’s reflective, in part, of my state of mind lately:

On Friday everything changed.

Sanguine vibes percolated my system and had momentarily removed the morose glob that hung off me in the days before.

I used to wade through a sandstorm only my eyes could detect. And it wasn’t the sand that was the problem, it was the force of it – the feeling that I was constantly moving against an opposing power.

But her eyes somehow didn’t see the glob. She saw something in me that I had long since written the eulogy for.

Everything changed when she kissed me, sending a new kind of opposing power through my body.

hands (1).jpg

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