Mind Unwind

Just a goofy poem. There’s a part of me that’s still very much inspired by the Shel Silverstein poems I read as a kid.

When your mind needs a soothing caress
to relieve you of your mental stress,
hot coffee or a warm shower
can make you less dour,
or losing yourself in a book
within the pages’ solitude nook,
but don’t combine them
on a most careless whim,
because then you get a soggy page,
which will send you into a rage,
or a page with a coffee stain
to make you most surely disdain,
but if you need a mental break
for your sanity’s sake,
then find that coffee mug,
or book to unplug,
and watch the stress leave your brain,
like soapy water down the shower drain.
the brain

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