The Ten Worst People in “Making a Murderer”

Spoilers, spoilers everywhere. 

I’m still stewing over this 10-part documentary series by Netflix. Check out my expanded thoughts and reaction here.

There’s just so many people involved in fucking over Steve Avery and Brendan Dassey from 1985 to the present that I can make a list of 10 people for you. This one is in order from worst fucking person to still pretty fucking bad person. It wasn’t easy, but here we go:

Michael O’Kelly

Michael O'Kelly

First, I thought he was despicable for coercing a confession out of Brendan Dassey…THE MAN HIS DEFENSE LAWYER HIRED. It’s just sickening to watch. But then to see this man come to trial and read an email where he talks about wanting to end the gene pool of the sinful Avery family made my blood boil. What a sickening, disgusting man.

Ken Kratz


The special prosecuting attorney is slimy. The worst act aside from prosecuting the case generally is that he did that disgusting press conference after the Brendan Dassey “confession,” which he never ends up using against Avery and which there is no corroborating physical evidence to substantiate. It was pure and simple manipulation. The family of Halbach should have been pissed, in my view. Then of course, he gets even slimier with his sexting and his seeming God-complex. “I am the prize.”

Mark Wiegert/Tom Fassbender 

these guys

These two tie because of how they coerced Brendan Dassey into a confession. Repeatedly. Bravo guys, you outwitted a cognitively impaired 16-year-old, great police work!

Officers Colborn and Lenk


These two also are linked together because of how they seem to have corrupted the investigation of Teresa’s murder. Lenk finds the SUV key and the bullet fragment in Avery’s house and garage, respectively. And Colborn looked dirty as hell under defense questioning, especially regarding how the hell he was able to call in Teresa’s SUV license plate prior to the car being found.

Len Lachinsky


He should be disbarred. His actions were unethical, as he seemed to be working with the prosecutors to not only coerce Dassey into pleading guilty, but to do so as a way of bolstering the prosecution of Steve Avery. Slimy, slimy dude.

Gene Kusche

This guy

This is the Manitowoc County Chief Deputy Sheriff who basically helped convict Steve Avery of a rape he didn’t commit in 1985 due to that sketchy sketch. And his defense of it is laughable. He also is still not convinced despite the DNA evidence that Avery is innocent.

Any of the judges

The judges repeatedly seem to allow information, witnesses, evidence and the like that just shouldn’t happen. For instance, the one judge denied Dassey’s to get a new lawyer since Len wasn’t working for him. Or how the one judge was Avery’s appeals judge even though it was the same judge that said Avery was the most dangerous man that had ever been inside his courtroom. On and on.

Teresa’s ex-boyfriend


Dude just seems shady. Somehow he got into Teresa’s voicemail and then there’s voicemail messages missing. Then he’s at the scene of the crime when most civilians would never be allowed near those areas. He’s front and center in the search party. And the police never even look to him, even thought 80 percent of homicide victims knew their killer. And who has a better motive than an ex-boyfriend? He also had knowledge of Avery, so as to set him up.

These people suck. And in a just world, most of them would have consequences coming their way, i.e., be sitting in jail.

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